2021 marked the 21 years’ landmark as wine world professionals. The wines, the vineyards and the grape growers, who give us the lifeblood…

21 years from the first selection of wines in blind tastings. Visits to Casas de Haro, looking for the purest Tempranillos or traveling to Bullas, in search of the elegant Mountain Monastrell’s. The first tastings, wine shows and meetings with importers, discovering Austin, Sao Paulo or Hong Kong…

21 years full of experiences, some disappointments – from which we learn – but above all, many great times finding new friends and developing working ethics that equally value business and friendship.

These solid relationships allow us to establish successful collaboration formulas with our partners aiming to the very long term.

21 years might not be a lot, because we realize how much we still need to learn, to accomplish, new projects, new wineries or new partners and markets.

At the same time, 21 years provide a lot of experience. Becoming founders of new Appellations of Origin, tasting with the most relevant wine critics or taking part in tasting panels in several countries. We provide consulting in international wineries and develop wine distribution channels in more than 30 countries. We train sommeliers and sales forces in Spanish wines in most markets.

Like the famous song : “sentir, que es un soplo la vida, que 20 años no es nada…” “Feel, because life is a blow, 20 years is nothing…”


After so many years explaining that the first we look in a new project are unique, exceptional vineyards… now, my conclusion is that as Xabi says, the first we need is the quality of the person behind the project. It is absolutely necessary to count with a reliable person for a long term project. We develop trusting relationship to overcome all the future challenges.

The vineyard is just the expression of the grape grower, his interaction with the soil, climate, techniques and the gift we bring to the end consumer. Wherever the vineyard is located the key is to be loyal to the origin, look for the simplicity that makes the wine great and erase cultural differences.

We live in Spain, the country with the largest amount of vineyards in the world. A country with an amazing variety of grapes, terrain and climates… Our goal is to bring value to such wealth of diversity and help survive the indigenous clones, otherwise at risk of disappearing to more productive clones.

We manage the export department in most of the wineries that we work with. We develop projects from scratch. Start at the vineyard, follow the winemaking processes, continue with the marketing: packaging, branding, communication and distribution. We look for social sustainability as well as a healthy finance.

In 2019, we launch a new project born in 2016 with a selection of the best vineyards we found. Majuelos Coleccion, a few wines where we express clearly the unique characteristics of the outstanding vineyard we fell in love with…

Felipe Álvarez. Owner and founder

He comes from the world of logistics to wine out of pure passion, starting his first project (NDEVINA) in 1999, managing to break it in six months, a record. Later he manages the export and marketing of different wineries and cooperatives, participates in 2013 in the initial impulse and foundation of the D.O. Ribera del Júcar and later founded Majuelos Singulares de España and Majuelos Iberia.

Currently he collaborates with many of our winemakers and clients defining the profile of the wines and is also responsible for numerous international accounts.

Worldwide known for being a machine to generate happiness.

Xabier Delgado. Owner and founder

From summers working in the wineries of Aranda de Duero or in his father’s workshop, he made the leap to importing fish and later to New York, where he works in the financial sector. After participating in wine classes at the Cervantes Institute in New York, he entered the sector with Distinct Expresions and later Frontier Wine Imports. He finally he participates in the creation of Iberian hawks.

Xabi brings all the knowledge of the American market gained by wearing the sole of a shoe, presenting Spanish wines in addition to their authenticity from the riverbank.

He has the ability to enjoy a great classic and exclusive wine in the same way as a jug of fresh rosé from the village cooperative.

Luis Quintana. Office Manager

The brightest head in the administration of the company, tenacious and efficient. He defends the Majuelos shirt better than anyone, always thinking of the end customer. Great chef, capable of making a perfect stir-fry while requesting a COLA waiver.

Sergio Alonso. Administration

From the world of logistics to the world of wine. We are still trying to get to know him, since he has only been in the team for a year, but we are sure that he does not have a fool’s hair. He always thinking about service and efficiency. Proactive

Mercedes Carbajo. Commercial

With the vital experience of having resided in Germany, Holland, Italy and the UK, carrying out different jobs always with direct customer service, she returns to Spain to dedicate herself to the export of Olive Oils. Later she joins our team as a Junior salesperson. Our most recent signing.